Metal Panel Profiles or Colors: Which Do You Choose First?

Discussing Metal Roof Color and Profile Options

Which one do you choose first: metal panel profiles or colors?

We love that there are a wide variety of panel profiles (with concealed fasteners and exposed fasteners) and colors are available for metal roofing and siding projects. The selection helps you create a truly one-of-a-kind build that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

However, we often see customers face a challenge when choosing their profiles and colors. Many customers either select a panel profile that is not available in the color they want or pick a color that is not available in the profile they want.

In the end, one factor has to take priority over the other. So, which one wins? Panel profile or color?

Answer: It’s up to you.

We know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but it’s the truth! When it comes to choosing between the panel profile you want and the color you want, you need to decide for yourself what’s more important to you—the color or the panel profile. Below, we’ll help you figure out which factor is more important to your project via a step-by-step process. We’ll cover the details of paint systems, how to decide if you’re a panel person or a panel color person, and how these factors impact your decision-making process.

Guide to Choosing Paint Systems and Panels

Step 1: Understand how metal panel profiles impact paint options

Most contractors and Bozeman roofing companies don’t know that color options aren’t a one-size-fits-all in the metal roofing and siding industry. The paint options available to you depend on the panel and gauge of the panel you choose. You cannot mix and match colors and profiles—your color options for a panel are the ones specified by the manufacturer. Before selecting a color or a panel profile, we highly recommend consulting with one of our metal roofing and siding specialists. We do our best to help you make informed decisions when choosing a paint and metal panel system.

Step 2: Consider the importance of functionality for your project

We’ve found customers can be divided up into two categories: those who value functionality over look, and those who value looks over functionality. Based upon what factor you value the most, that’s how you can determine whether to choose your metal panel profile first or your panel color first.

When considering your metal roofing or siding project, think about how your project needs to function to stand the test of time. With Montana metal roofing projects, panels often need to withstand intense weather conditions, such as extreme heat, heavy snowfall, strong winds, downpours of rain, and even golf ball-sized hailstones. Based on the local weather conditions, you may need to select a specific panel profile to ensure your project withstands the elements. Additionally, different roof pitches require certain panel profiles in order to function properly. For example, Tuf Rib metal roofing panels underperform below 3/12 and are not good past lengths of 20-30 feet, so you would want to select a different panel if your project fits these specifications. These factors, along with energy efficiency, installation needs, and more play a part in a panel’s performance, so make a list of the functional aspects your metal roofing or siding project needs to have.

Step 3: Consider the importance of looks for your project

After considering functionality, think about how important aesthetic appeal is to your project. Sometimes, the perfect color is the centerpiece of a metal project, especially if the panels are being used for an accent wall. Or, you may be trying to stay compliant with local HOA regulations and need a specific shade of green to stay within the limits. Additionally, certain colors are more energy-efficient than others, so you might want to use a lighter shade of blue that is only available for mechanical lock panels. If having just the right hue is crucial to the success of the project, you should prioritize your color choice over profile choice.

Step 4: Decide which is more important to you: metal panel profiles or colors

After evaluating how functionality and looks impact your build and your list of factors important to your project, you can then decide which is more important to you: color or panel profile. If color is more important to you, you will then need to be flexible with your panel options. If profile is more important to you, then you will need to be open to the limited selection of colors for that panel type.

Need a Hand with Profiles and Colors? Let’s Talk!

Need help choosing between metal panel profiles and paint colors? Reach out to our team today for an expert’s advice. Our team has decades of combined experience in a wide range of metal roofing and siding systems, so we can provide you with the best options for your unique needs. To speak to a professional or get a quote for your project, drop us a line or give us a call at (406) 624-0435.

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