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Maybe you like the clean lines and modern look of metal roofing. Maybe you like how much more durable metal is than other roofing materials. No matter the reason, you can count on Great Northern Metal Company LLC for all your metal roofing system needs.

We can provide exposed fastener or concealed fastener metal roofing systems on all building types in the Bozeman, MT area. Call (406) 624-0435 now to consult a pro about your metal roofing project.


Our team is prepared to provide metal roofing systems on structures as small as chicken coops. We’re equipped to handle much larger projects, too. We can supply the materials for the roof on your:

  • Home
  • Commercial structure
  • Agricultural building

We’ve even taken on a half million dollar commercial roofing project. But if you’re a typical homeowner or business owner, you won’t need that kind of budget to benefit from our services. Ask us for a free estimate right away.

Concealed Fasteners

Concealed fasteners are durable, with the head of the fastener being hidden by a seam. View our selection of concealed fasteners here.

Exposed Fasteners

Exposed fasteners are versatile and offer a “classic” metal panel look. View our range of exposed fastener options to find the perfect fit.


View our selection of metal roof color options and metal siding colors and find the perfect fit for your project and vision. 

Custom Trim Shop

Great Northern Metal Company offers a wide selection of custom metal trim options for you to choose from.

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Our Experts’ Guide to Tuf Rib Metal Roofing

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