The Ultimate Guide to Board & Batten Metal Siding

board & batten metal siding

Board & Batten Metal Siding

If you want to blend the classic look of wood panels with the sleek durability of metal, board & batten metal siding is for you. Board & batten metal panels are siding-only panels that mimic the look of traditional wood board & batten siding. However, since they are made out of sturdy steel materials in a heavier gauge (22-26, typically), board & batten metal panels are more long-lasting than their wood counterparts.

Board & batten metal siding can be applied vertically or horizontally, and they can be cut to whatever length you need, perfect for a wide variety of applications. Painting or sealing is not needed with board & batten metal panels, and yearly panel maintenance is minimal. Also, board & batten is a concealed fastener panel system, so the panels are secured to the walls from the sides or below, without being visible on the top of the wall. At Great Northern Metal Company, our board & batten metal panels are available in two standard widths: 16 ⅜, and 20 ⅜.

If you are interested in ordering board & batten panels for your next project, contact the Great Northern Metal Company team today. Want to learn more about board & batten metal siding? Read on below!

Board & Batten Siding in Montana

In Montana, having siding that stands up against a wide range of weather conditions is vital to maintain your building or home’s value. In the Big Sky State, we face heavy snow, hail storms, strong winds, and intense downpours, so your choice of siding needs to protect your residential or commercial project from the elements. If you want to side your home or building with metal siding, board & batten is an excellent panel choice for long-term durability. Board & batten naturally has a heavier gauge, so it is sturdier than other panel profiles. Also, its clean, timeless look complements a wide range of building projects, whether you are using board & batten for residential metal siding or an accent wall for a commercial project.

Board & Batten Specs

Fastener: Hidden
Best Use: Siding
Not Used For: Roofing
Minimum Slope: N/A
Minimum Length: 24” (2’)
Maximum Length: 240” (20’)
Coverage: 12 ⅜” and 16 ⅜”
Panel Width: 12 ⅜” and 16 ⅜”
Gauge: 26, 24
Rib Height: 3/4” rib; 1: trim pocket
Hot Melt Applicable: No
Board & Batten Metal Siding Colors: See your options here.

Panel Difficulty

These panels are a bit of a middle ground as far as installation difficulty goes. On a scale from one to five (five being the hardest to install), board & batten metal siding is about a 2.5. It is less difficult to install than snap batten metal panels, but it is more difficult to install than tuff rib metal panel profiles.

One of the notable installation features of board & batten panels is their built-in screw leg. This leg directly attaches to the wall for installation, therefore eliminating the need for a clip. However, without proper care and attention to the installation guide, board & batten panels can be tricky to install. If you have installation questions, check out our Concealed Fastener Plywood Installation Guide to learn how to install board & batten metal siding.

Panel Aesthetic

As we indicated earlier, metal board & batten siding panels have a sleek, classic look that mimics the style of traditional board & batten wood panels. Its wide, flat profile and raised rib create a seamless look that translates across a wide variety of commercial and residential siding projects. Whether you’re applying it to the side of a barn, house, kitchen island, or accent wall, board & batten metal siding is incredibly versatile and clean in its aesthetic. While we wouldn’t classify board & batten as a rugged-looking panel, it is rugged in terms of its durability. It has a thicker gauge, so it is incredibly sturdy. Additionally, board & batten panels come in a variety of colors, so you can select a shade that matches the needs of your project.

Board & Batten Pros

Premium-level panel
Hidden fastener
Classic look with a contemporary appeal
Versatile siding applications

Board & Batten Cons

Not as affordable as tuff rib metal panels
Has a minimum gauge
Not used for roofing
Not good for soffit

Consult with Our Metal Experts

If you are considering using board & batten metal siding on your next commercial or residential project, reach out to our team today for our experts’ advice. Our team has decades of combined experience in a wide range of metal panel systems so we can provide you with the best options and supplies for your metal roofing and siding needs. To speak to a professional or get a quote, drop us a line or give us a call at (406) 624-0435.

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