4 Reasons to Consider Textured Metal Roofing

You’ve decided to invest in a metal roof for your home or commercial building—great! Next, you need to decide whether you want textured metal roofing or non-textured metal roofing. Textured metal roofing is metal roofing painted with textured roof paint or crinkle paint. Textured metal roof panels have dramatically changed the metal roofing industry since they give you more options to customize your roof. If you are deciding between a textured or non-textured metal roof, we’re here to help. Here are four reasons to consider textured metal roofing for your next project.

Less Glare

Textured metal roofing can help minimize the natural glare of a metal roof by diffusing the sunlight. This helps give the roof a more consistent, rich appearance. Also, textured paints measure between 2-3 on the gloss scale, so it is considered low gloss, therefore low glare.

Rich Appearance

Textured paint gives metal roofs an enhanced appearance by adding dimension and depth. There are a variety of texture options to choose from, so you can pick the texture that best fits your style or matches the style of homes in your neighborhood. Some types of topcoats for metal roofs can imitate wood, stone, traditional shingles, or other synthetic materials. 

Color Retention

You want to make sure the color of your metal roof stays consistent over the years, and a textured finish can help with that. Textured metal paint strengthens metal roofs’ color retention and helps them resist fading and chalking in the long term.

Less Prone to Minor Damage

Because the surface of the panels is textured, textured metal roofing resists scuffs and scratches better than its non-textured counterpart. Additionally, textured metal panels are less prone to a type of deformation called “oil canning.” Oil canning is a wavy distortion that impacts the flat areas of metal panels, making them look less aesthetically pleasing. Textured panels help combat this distortion, thus improving the overall look of the roof.

Talk to Us About Your Metal Roofing Needs

If you are wondering whether textured metal roofing or non-textured metal roofing is the better option for your project, chat with the experts at Great Northern Metal Co. We’ve researched and worked extensively with textured metal panels. We can help you make an informed decision about whether textured metal paint is a good fit for your project. We can lay out all the options for what type of paint and textures are available for your project. Reach out for a quote today.

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