Our Top 5 Panel Recommendations for Commercial Metal Roofing

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Commercial buildings are created with the future in mind, so the roofing materials you select need to match that vision, too. An increasingly popular option for commercial applications, metal panels are one of the best ways to add long-lasting value to your project, whether that be via a durable metal roof or eye-catching metal siding. For commercial metal roofing and siding projects, it’s important to select metal panels that are not only sturdy but match the inherent design of the building. At Great Northern Metal Company, we’ve worked on a wide range of Bozeman roofing projects (especially commercial projects), so we’ve seen first-hand which panels do their job well and stay looking fresh and new for years to come. Below, we’ve listed our top five panel recommendations for commercial metal roofing and siding projects and factors to consider before choosing a metal panel profile.

Why Choose Metal For Commercial Roofing?

Metal roofing and siding are among the best ways to increase the value of any building, commercial or otherwise. In comparison to other options, like asphalt shingles, the benefits of a metal roof or siding far outstrip the competition in four areas: longevity, weather resistance, aesthetics, and noise.

  • Longevity – Metal panels provide commercial buildings with unparalleled durability. While options like asphalt shingles have lower upfront costs, they have a shorter life expectancy and often need maintenance to keep them in top condition. Metal panels can last up to 60 years or more with little maintenance or repairs. While they have a higher upfront cost than asphalt shingles, you get a larger return on investment in the long run.
  • Weather Resistance – In locations like Montana, weather resistance is vital to ensure your building withstands the elements. Metal roofs keep their structural integrity during bouts of strong winds, ice storms, and hail downpours. Additionally, metal roofs are fire-resistant and reflect the extreme heat of summer, keeping your building safe and energy-efficient.
  • Aesthetics – Metal roofing and siding can be painted with a wide assortment of colors, so you can choose a style that enhances the inherent design of your building.
  • Noise – Many falsely assume that metal roofs are loud, but the opposite is true! In fact, they can be quieter than shingles. Metal roofs are excellent at protecting your building from noise pollution, and you can add insulation boards and upgrades to reduce any noise that may come from hail or heavy rainfall. Speak with one of our roofing experts to find the best option for your metal roofing or siding project.

Top 5 Panel Recommendations for Commercial Metal Roofing

While these are our top recommendations for commercial projects, we highly recommend consulting with one of our metal roofing experts before selecting a panel type. A metal roofing consultation can help our team understand the unique specs and design of your project and, therefore, make informed recommendations for which metal panel profile best suits your needs.

The options listed below are all 24ga steel panels. This specific panel thickness means these panels are extremely sturdy, “commercial grade” steel panels. Some of these panels are structural panels, and some are not. The pros and cons of each panel type depend on the design of the structure they are applied on, so we urge you to consult with a roofing expert before selecting a panel for your project.

  1. 2” Mechanical LockMechanical lock panels are all-around, solid panels that give a rugged feel to both industrial and commercial buildings. Specifically, the 2” panel is very versatile and great for a range of environments.
  2. 1.5” Mechanical Lock – Like the 2” mechanical lock panel, the 1.5” is versatile and excellent for a range of environments. However, this concealed fastener panel has a stronger vertical rib than the 2” mechanical lock panel when double-seamed.
  3. 1.75” Tru Snap – This is a concealed fastener panel designed to provide high performance and a modern aesthetic.
  4. ⅞” Corrugated – This is a popular option for metal roofing and siding because of the panel’s incredible durability. It’s structurally strong and impact resistant, making it a great option for metal roofing and exterior siding projects.
  5. 1” Nail Strip – A concealed fastener panel, the Nail Strip panel system is easy to install and works well for commercial roofing and siding projects.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Metal Panels for Commercial Projects?

  1. Panel Durability – Choosing a panel that stands the test of time is crucial to ensure your building has long-lasting value. That’s why our panel recommendations for commercial metal roofing projects are all 24ga steel—they’re incredibly durable!
  2. Roof Pitch – The roof slope—also known as the pitch—refers to the inches of rise over a 12-inch run. The roof’s pitch impacts which metal panel you select, as certain metal panels are not recommended for specific pitches.
  3. Building Design – The design of a building needs to not only be durable and functional but communicate the value of the commercial activities happening inside. The inherent building design may impact which panel you select, so see if there are any restrictions to panel choice based on the architectural vision for the project.
  4. Experts’ Recommendations – Contractors and architects should always consult with our team of metal roofing professionals to make sure they are making the right panel choices for the unique specifications of their projects.

Got a Commercial Roofing Project? Chat with Our Team of Experts!

Ready to choose a panel for your commercial metal roofing project? Reach out to our team today for an expert’s advice. At Great Northern Metal Company, our professionals have decades of combined experience in a wide range of metal roofing and siding systems, so we can provide you with the best options for your project’s unique needs. To speak to a professional or get a quote for your project, drop us a line or give us a call at (406) 624-0435.

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