Summer Metal Roofing Market: Our Experts’ Insights

Great Northern Metal Co. summer metal roofing market

Summer is the season for housing projects, so it’s no surprise that the metal roofing market ramps up during this time of year. If you’re in the building business, staying on top of the latest news, trends, and supply chain updates are crucial to make sure this summer goes smoothly for you. We want to equip contractors in our neck of the woods with the tools and insights they’ll need to thrive during this busy season. We sat down with one of Great Northern Metal’s owners, Jesse Kjelsrud, to chat about the summer metal roofing market and his tips for a successful season.

Montana Summer Metal Roofing Market: Interview with Expert Jesse Kjelsrud

Question: What do you foresee for the 2022 summer building season?
Answer: [Jesse] It’s going to be crazy this year. There’s no sign of the market slowing down at this point. At Great Northern, we’re about 4 weeks out on trim orders. The sooner contractors can order metal roofing supplies, the better. We’ve tried to counter the increase in demand by acquiring another trim machine. This extra machine helps us keep up with orders, keep prices reasonable, and meet clients’ needs.

Q: If you give one piece of advice to metal roofing customers this summer, what would it be?
A: Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to order your stuff. We can typically do small cleanup orders, but larger orders take time. We do have rush fees to get orders done faster, which is helpful if you are in a time crunch. But if you want to stay on time and on budget, plan ahead.

Q: Do you expect any shortages this summer?
A: We don’t expect any shortages, no disruptions in the supply chain yet. We’re fortunate to buy coil and flat sheets from Sheffield Metals to create panels, and they have continually been a faithful supplier without shortages. However, prices are expected to creep up again; it’s just the nature of the metal roofing industry. Given this increase, it’s crucial to order any metal roofing supplies now.

Q: What are popular metal roofing panels?
A: One of our most popular panels is the 1-inch Nail Strip. It’s the easiest standing seam panel to install, is cost-effective, and is a concealed fastener panel. For siding applications, Snap Batton is pretty popular, and it’s one of the industry’s favorite panels. Soon, a new style will be coming for Ultra Batton, so check in with one of our teammates for more details.

Q: What are popular metal roofing and siding colors this summer?
A: Vintage colors like Vintage dark grey, black, dark brown, and bronzes are all popular colors at the moment. However, Vintage colors get misused a lot, so chat with one of our team members if you want an expert’s opinion about which color would best fit your project. Personally, I wish white panels would make a comeback, and I hope forest green and dark green never do. If you’re looking for a unique finish for your project, we have specialty finishes like rawhide, 3D textures, and low gloss available, among others.

Q: What metal roofing colors are out this season?
A: Colors that were trendy a couple years ago like Print Paterns or Wood grains have really gone away in populartity. Metalics like Copper Penny and Champagne Metalic have really gone away as well.

Q: What’s important for customers to know when picking metal roofing panels?
A: They need to understand that they need to research the type of panel they want. Contractors need to study price, style, and usability, otherwise they are wasting their money. They need to think about what actually looks good on a roof before purchasing materials. Before purchasing their materials, they can come in person and chat with one of our team members to have an expert’s advice on the viability of the panel, not just the look.

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