Teaching the Next Generation: GNMC Goes Back for the Second Year to Help Park High Students Put Roofs on Their Sheds

GNMC makes a return to Park High in Livingston to help students in the Industrial Technology class put metal panels on their sheds.

GNMC was proud to teach these students how to install their roofs and give them a look into what it’s like to be a roofer. Their Industrial Technologies teacher, Mr. Hunter James, wanted to give the students an understanding of the roof installation process.

Once the sheds were ready for GNMC to come in, Jesse helped them measure and prepare a list of what they needed for their roofs. They worked on three sheds and decided on standing seam, tuf rib, and corrugated for the roofs.

“I believe it is important for high school students to get technical skills, not just to prepare them for the job market, but also for them to get a better grasp of the world around them. While not all students may go into a given field that they receive technical skills in from school, they will at least gain awareness and respect of the hard work and craftsmanship that those in that field contend with every day,” said Mr. James. We couldn’t agree more!

The first day was spent teaching the students about the different profiles they chose and what trim goes with them. It was important to understand what trim pieces were needed and where they went on the different roofs. Then they went outside to measure their roofs. Jesse was there to teach them how to properly measure to make sure nothing was missing and to ensure they had the correct amount of material.

The next two days were spent installing the trim and panels. With Jesse and Jason’s guidance, they learned how best to install the material and how each panel profile gets installed slightly differently. We also taught the difference between installing material on both a gable roof as well as a single slope roof.

The students did an excellent job and the sheds turned out amazing. Two of the sheds are available to purchase, while the other will be used for the school. It was great being able to work with young potential roofers and give them hands-on experience that gave them an idea of what to expect if this is their field of choice.

“Having Jesse come in was fantastic, as it gave the students a real person from the industry to learn from. Having an expert come in from the outside world to talk about their trade and profession, as well as teach them some of the skills in it, helps them to retain that knowledge for the future. For many of the students, Jesse’s visits and assistance on their sheds will likely go down as one of most memorable parts of the class for them,” says Mr. James.
 We are happy to make this a yearly visit and are looking forward to next year!

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